Kitchen Island Makeover

It has been a while since I’ve posted. So many new things happening right now in my life. I’ve been currently plugging away at building my shopify store so that I might bring you the best in quality of home decor and gifts items for you at reasonable prices. As you may have noticed the recent link added to the top menu to link my store. I am adding new products daily. I know how hard it is to find just the right accent pieces to create a look in an area of your home.

I’ve been so busy the last few months with building my store and also cleaning out my childhood home since my mom passed away last year. Trying to decide what to keep and what not to keep. Creating piles to keep, sell, donate, and trash. Having garage sale after garage sale all summer long. It has been enough to make my head spin. Now I am currently packing move to Georgia next week. I must be nuts trying to take on so many things all at once. So since I’ve been to busy to come up with my own content I thought I could feature my friend, Fran. Fran and I go way back to high school and I think you will be thrilled with her.

Recently, Fran Rissland has been working on some home projects. Her most current project was making over her kitchen island. I thought you would enjoy her article so I wanted to feature her blog post for you here. Kitchen Island Makeover. Check it out and let her know what you think. Also, leave comments below for me as well. She has a lot to offer you.

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